Friday, 21 June 2013


Geographers at Leigh Sixth Form College have recently been having a tinker at creating eco-friendly cities, using a online educational game called Electrocity. The aim of the game: build your city, keep the people happy and don't end up bankrupt...

The game is particularly useful for A2 Geographers, as one of the units studied involves World Cities.

Starting with a certain amount of financial resources, you can build tourist attractions like ski resorts or campsites - or invest in new energy resources to sustain a growing population. There are even stock exchange-style markets where you can buy and sell coal and gas resources. After 150 turns, your town is given an overall score from E to A+.

I think this is great fun and for all Geographers out there, I think this is well worth looking at. See more at


Monday, 17 June 2013

Leigh: a perspective by Beth and Luke

Leigh is a town of 43,000 people situated within the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

                                     Location of Leigh, Greater Manchester.  © Wikipedia

The primary development of Leigh town centre is mainly shopping and commerce. There is a small shopping centre known locally as the Spinning Gate - where several small business are based. 

Leigh has the advantage of local facilities and services such as a library and hospice. The town centre has good transport links via bus to the rest of the Wigan Borough and Manchester city centre. 

The last few years has seen the development of a large sports village and sixth-form college, broadening the educational opportunities for the residents and local youth population. 

From a personal point-of-view from blogger #1, a typical commute from Wigan to Leigh sixth form involves boarding a 658 bus from Wigan bus station. In comparison to Wigan, Leigh is much smaller, yet it still has considerable volumes of traffic and noise pollution. 

Another point of view from blogger #2: Being a resident in Leigh, growing up in the town and and also being educated, over the last decade the town has seen an improvement in education and also recycling. Leisure facilities have also been improved with the development of Leigh sports village, however in terms of sustainability there is a great deal of room for improvements.

To be continued...